Senior QA Automation Engineer

Senior QA Automation Engineer,

Experience & Work History

I've a wide experience in projects from start-up to huge state and commercial level.

  • jezasoft
  • Jun 2018-Present
  • ⊹ Validating new features and functionalities
  • ⊹ Providing UI/UX feedback to programmers and designers
  • ⊹ Setting up quality assurance of the user interface of the Exponea analytics application
  • ⊹ Customizing current projects
  • ⊹ Cooperating on new feature development and unit test development
  • QLab
  • June 2011-January 2018
  • ⊹ Testing products to ensure that they meet requirements, conform to design specifications, and perform according to quality standards;
  • ⊹ Creating, runing and managing load, functional, and stress testing of new product features and products;
  • ⊹ Regression testing of existing functionality;
  • ⊹ Planing, writing, executing, reviewing, and updating test plans, test cases, and scenarios to ensure that software meets or exceeds specified standards, development specifications, and client requirements;
  • ⊹ All varieties of testing, including manual, automated, integration, security, front-end, and back-end;
  • ⊹ Reporting bugs and tracking status through various test tools suites used;
  • ⊹ Working closely with other QA Engineers, Developers, Designers, DevOps, and Product Owners to ensure we deliver quality products to clients.